Land Types

Land Types

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When buying land in Uganda, The various types of land that are available in Uganda. People buy such land for their
various purposes and goals.

1. Industrial Land:

This is the type of land that is suitable or ideal for any industrial or factory development.

2. Farmland or Agricultural Land:

This is the land type that is suitable for agricultural production, both crops and livestock on a
small, medium or large scale. Farm land is land that is used exclusively or mainly for agricultural, horticultural or pastoral
purposes or for the keeping of bees, poultry or livestock.

3. Residential Land:

Is that land available for use for residential development purpose. With this type of land, housing dominates, as
opposed to industrial and commercial areas. Such residential developments may take the form of single family housing or multifamily
residential or apartments.

4. Ranch Land:

This type of land is good for making ranches. Such land usually measures a square mile and above for bigger livestock and crop farming.

5. Lakefront land:

This is the land that has direct attachment to lake. Lakefront land typically is very ideal for developments like a residential home, a beach or a resort hotel.

6. Lake-view Land:

Almost as good as Lakefront land. Lake-view land has no direct access to the lake but has a clear view of the lake. Both Lakefront and Lake-view land are very good any form of development like a home, resort hotel as they both give an excellent water breeze.




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